How Should You Title Your Home?

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When you embark on your home buying journey, you will have to make important decisions nearly every step of the way. While some of these decisions, such as choosing a good title and escrow agent, can simply make the closing process smoother, others can have much bigger and long-term consequences for your home ownership. Case […]

What Is a Title Search?

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Title searches are most often conducted in conjunction with the sale and purchase of real estate. This is the process of uncovering and reviewing all available recorded information about the title of the property being sold in order to identify any ownership rights issues or unsettled claims. In this article, we will discuss why all […]

Things to Look For in Your Real Estate Title


If you’re in the process of buying or selling a home, you may have already heard quite a bit about the property title. If you’re lucky, the title is clear and your transaction will close with no problems. A real estate title with issues, however, may have hefty financial consequences for the owner of the […]

9 Most Common Title Problems

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The majority of people only get familiar with title insurance once they become first-time home buyers. Even then, they don’t think of it as anything more than another mysterious line item on their closing disclosure.  It’s wise to be familiar with the most common title problems Because most homeowners never have to utilize their policy, […]

How Is Title Insurance Used in Commercial Real Estate?

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The purpose of title insurance in commercial real estate transactions is not much different than in residential purchases. It is meant to protect the buyer and their mortgage lender from losing money as a result of previously unknown issues with the property title. Yet, having title insurance on your commercial property is much more critical […]

Closing Costs: How Closings Work and the Role of the Title Insurance Company

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There is a widespread misconception amongst first-time homebuyers that the several thousand dollars in closing costs they will be paying all go to the title insurance company handling their closing. While some of the fees do cover your title insurance expenses, most of the money gets collected by various other parties such as the local […]

Common Misconception: You Should Shop for Lower Title Fees

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Purchasing a home is a costly endeavor. So it is understandable why prospective buyers always search for ways to reduce the expenses associated with the real estate transaction. Shopping around can help new home buyers save money on mortgage interest rates, home insurance, inspection and appraisal fees, and various other professional services. One of the […]

Understanding Title Insurance Refinance Credits in New York

Featured: Title insurance document on desk - Understanding Title Insurance Refinance Credits in New York

Most people who have purchased a home in the past know that title insurance is one of the largest expenses associated with the closing of a real estate transaction. Naturally, those who choose to refinance their loans wonder if they will have to purchase title insurance again. While the short answer is yes, the news […]

How to Ensure a Smooth Closing on Your Home

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Home buying can be a stressful and complex process even when everything is going smoothly. After all, it is the biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetimes. However, you can feel a lot more confident when you sit down at your closing with preparation. While you will most likely have several professionals guiding […]

ANSTitle Launches Agency Lifeline Program

From the outside, all title companies might appear to be the same. We close, underwrite, sign and notarize. It’s pretty standard. But within the foundation that makes a good title agency, there are several factors that distinguish a good title agency from a great title agency. In the wake of TRID, stability is the difference […]